Al-Shaikh Cheese

JCIF has acquired a significant minority stake in Al-Shaikh Cheese, a specialty cheese manufacturer operating in Jordan. The investment funds are allocated to support the expansion of the company's internal production capabilities, encompassing both dairy operations and animal feed farming. This entails expanding the cowherd and associated land farms, alongside investments in modern infrastructure and machinery aimed at enhancing milk and cheese production.

Date of Transaction
January 31, 2024
Ownership Percentage
Dairy Farming and Cheese Production
Al-Shaikh Cheese operates under three main segments, which include:
Specialty Cheese Production
Fresh Milk Production
Animal Feed Farming

Significance of Transaction:

Investing in Al-Shaikh Cheese presents a significant opportunity to strengthen the Jordanian economy across multiple dimensions. The company’s expansion in animal feed farming and dairy production is poised to foster growth in the agricultural sector, generating employment in rural areas. Simultaneously, advancements in infrastructure and machinery will enhance local manufacturing capabilities. With its specialization in producing Mashmouleh cheese, a traditional Jordanian delicacy essential for Nabulsi Knafeh, the investment not only safeguards cultural heritage but also aligns with broader economic objectives. In essence, this strategic investment stimulates sectoral growth, promotes cultural preservation, and ultimately contributes to the overall resilience and prosperity of the Jordanian economy.