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Al-Shaikh Cheese

Al-Shaikh Cheese, is a third-generation Jordanian company specialized in cheese manufacturing, with a focus on specialty cheese typically used in Middle Eastern sweets. The company owns one of the largest dairy farms in Jordan, located in Al-Hallabat area. This facility produces animal feed to sustain its herd and provides fresh milk crucial for the cheese production process.

Sinokrot Poultry Farms

Sinokrot Poultry Farms, founded in 1962, is among Jordan’s largest vertically integrated poultry farming and production companies, specializing in poultry products such as table eggs, hatching eggs, day-old chicks, grains like corn and soybean, animal feed, as well as vaccines and purifiers. Sinokrot operates through 12 farms, a hatchery, grain silos and a feed factory, serving both the local and international markets.

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Aqaba Digital Hub

Aqaba Digital Hub (“ADH”), a Jordanian company founded by Eyad Abu Khorma, operates a regional fiber-optic network, a carrier-neutral, Uptime Tier III-certified 6MW data center and cable landing station in Aqaba.  The company also offers cloud services, long-haul telecommunication services, a carrier-neutral internet exchange point (AqabaIX), fiber networks, and satellite services to local and neighboring markets.

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